Ryan Edwards: Sending Nudes and Image Sexts Behind Partner’s Back Once Again?

Ryan Edwards: Sending Nudes and Image Sexts Behind Partner’s Back Once Again?

After seeing Ryan Edwards nod off while travel to his romantic parking area marriage to Mackenzie Standifer, we think the guy could not see much worse.

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And, better, honestly that is however possibly the worst thing we have ever before observed on child mother.

Perhaps an easier way to phrase it could be “After viewing Ryan jeopardize himself yet others while creating high to his tragic marriage, we planning there seemed to be nowhere for your going but right up.”

Yeah, that’s better.

Also it’s wrong.

Because even as we’re learning using this amazing cheating scandal, issues undoubtedly aren’t searching for for Ryan in the near future.

Only past, we talked about some screenshots from an alleged discussion Ryan have with a new escort girls in Carlsbad CA lady on Tinder.

In the event that notion of this guy creating a Tinder account below 90 days after marriage to Mackenzie Standifer was not bad enough, stuff he had been stating to the girl absolutely ended up being.

The conversation started out as innocently as a Tinder dialogue can, prior to too-long, Ryan is asking the lady if she had been “DTF.”

“Down to f-ck,” for people not into the know.

She mentioned that she had been, depending on who was asking, and so they began organizing a time and put for them to “chill” together.

When it comes to those screenshots, her final information contained a trade of phone numbers .

And then Radar using the internet possess screenshots of their text messages!

Warning: listed here is actually artwork, terrible, but totally hilarious in a kind of tragic means.

The texts start similar to messages perform — their typical “What’s up?”, “Nothing, you?” companies.

Your ex asks Ryan for his final term, and after asking the reason why she desires to discover (to truly save their communications info, duh), he informs her it really is Edwards.

He in addition delivers this lady a selfie, and yep, that’s surely teenage mommy OG’s current finest mess.

She requires him why he is on Tinder because “I was thinking you’re married,” and he confirms that he is hitched, but “I however choose to has somewhat fun.”

The girl try straight down for most enjoyable, but very first, she claims “i do want to discover a lot more of you.”

You can easily currently inform in which this really is going, are unable to you?

He asks the girl “What else u want,” as he already sent her one visualize, and she tells him she wants a photo of his body. Thankfully for those people watching these screenshots, the guy cannot take one at that time because he’s travel.

After that, she tosses your a curve ball by inquiring “Are you going to f-ck myself?”

The guy asks their if that is just what she wants, so when she claims, yes, the guy informs her “come-on then,” they can exercise when she wishes at their household.

They generated intends to meet during the products urban area off highway 58 — in addition they state relationship try lifeless! — nevertheless the programs decrease through because Ryan wouldn’t deliver her more pictures.

The guy starts to have slightly upset when she complains which he’s merely delivered this lady two photographs, the one that the guy could have pulled up with an online search.

He says to the lady “Nvm don’t worry about this,” because “I am not probably still make an effort to show it really is me personally.”

She rightfully responds by advising him that she would like to make sure of exactly who she actually is going to see, and that’s whenever it happens.

He sends the lady a selfie — one that he’sn’t posted anywhere else — AND A COCK PIC.

But once he eventually approved submit most photographs, she’d currently given up on him and visited bed.

He states that he’ll look for another time for you to encounter the girl, in the meanwhile, the guy informs this lady to send your a photograph of this lady.

What kind of photo?

“Send me personally an attractive one,” the guy instructs the lady. “i would ike to observe pink really.”

“myself me difficult,” the guy writes. “Come on.”

He then tells the woman to send your a video clip of “u using oneself,” as soon as she declines, according to him “Come more than I told you I’ll try to let u take a seat on my face therefore I will get u good and damp.”

The girl refuses, but Ryan tries once again another day — one when Mackenzie is actually “out of area,” so he has your house to himself.

They setup to generally meet, but we can not be sure they ever did, for the reason that it’s in which this circular of screenshots ends.

Ryan possess denied the first Tinder information, stating “I’m married. Get f-ck from right here thereupon foolish sh-t.”

But, interestingly sufficient, Radar inspected it, and so they confirm that the number inside sms is actually Ryan’s wide variety.

Can’t wait observe what kind of letter Mackenize will write to Maci Bookout to describe this option aside!

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