Inquire MetaFilter. Not long ago I had gotten a unique college or university roomate, and he is from turkey

Inquire MetaFilter. Not long ago I had gotten a unique college or university roomate, and he is from turkey

Not long ago I have a college or university roomate, and then he is actually from chicken. He has a friend right here with him, furthermore from chicken. One other nights when his friend leftover our very own place, he gave my roomie a huge hug (probably regarding the cheek, I did not see it sincere well ’cause I became behind them) goodnight. Is it an ordinary cultural thing, or could my personal roomate become homosexual? Observe that the guy does have two luis vuitton handbags, although I’m sure that isn’t actually odd for men to be therefore fashionable in many parts of europe.

So, if any individual familliar with turkish, or perhaps basic european traditions and traditions could enlighten me personally as to what’s happening with my roomie along with his buddy, i might be thankful. PLEASE BE AWARE that i’m not attempting to discriminate or things here, I wouldn’t care and attention if he was gay, but i’d just like to know.

Turkey is not element of European countries, nor is it part of Iran, but for the goals worth, it is between both, and my Iranian relation do the sex simple hug goodbye thing.

Really, i will never obtain the routine right. I frequently slip either too much tounge, or too little.

laugh, its a joke published by great mind at 12:34 in the morning on September 1, 2007

A lengthy discussion in chicken regarding European/Arab thing resulted in the subsequent : “They’re not as European as they believe these are generally” “Yeah, even so they’re more European than you might think they have been”.

It really is perfectly typical in chicken to see someone kissing hello/goodbye, and even people keeping hands. Why not pose a question to your roommate about the custom made and whether absolutely whatever else noticably different? The guy demonstrably understands it’s not the completed thing in uptight christian countries or else he would be kissing your. Can lead to an interesting conversation, you can both understand things. submitted by handee at 3:37 have always been on Sep 1, 2007

One more thing that we seen in poultry, in particular whenever I was in Cappadocia, is that some men actually butted & rubbed foreheads with eachother once they parted, while catching eachother’s heads and pulling them into eachother. It appeared actually peculiar to me at first, but then someone achieved it to me as well so I knew its an ordinary kind of greeting for a lot of. Its positively a lot more intimate than most appropriate greetings. in the beginning we kinda flinched aside at having anyone we hardly discover catching my personal head semi-forcefully like that.

So I’d frankly maybe not presume he was homosexual. Individual area issues apart, to be honest, muslim countries are usually extremely sexually segregated & most of that time people spending some time with boys, ladies spend some time with women. Even with wedding, most connection opportunity is by using folks of your very own sex. Typically it really is far less scandalous to put up fingers in public places with somebody of your gender than with anybody with the opposite gender. Which, yeah, is quite counterintuitive. Depends on the location, nevertheless most conventional the spot the more that is the situation.

A lengthy conversation in poultry about the European/Arab thing led to these : “they aren’t as European as they imagine they are” “Yeah, but they’re most European than you would imagine they have been.”

Yeah, that really pretty much nails it.

Geographically, Turkey is both in European countries and Asia. They turned an EU prospect country in 1999.

The city of Istanbul (not Constantinople) is literally located in both Asia and Europe, with just a ferry ride across the Bosphorus from one side to the other. For them in the EU, the offer above is truly excellent. I don’t discover European countries actually ever accepting poultry since it appears at this time. it doesn’t matter how much they might should heed Ataturk’s contemporary visions. Truth be told, you’ll be able to fill somewhere with European cafes, however when you can still find sole males sitting when it comes to those cafes during the day its an obvious indication your traditions continues to have quite a distance to go. uploaded by miss lynnster at 7:45 have always been on September 1, 2007

There is an excellent, most thorough blog post someplace on here concerning this – sex parts and touching/kissing in other societies. I do believe it had gotten began from a mefi post about photographs from the 1910s and exactly how there is yet another look at manliness. Can’t find they, but some other person might bear in mind they.

While I seen Turkey a few years ago, I was amazed by informal cuddling, handholding, kissing, of the absolutely directly guys indeed there. Factors men in america could never, never perform. This business were like middle-school girls in america — sitting on every other’s laps, absentmindedly playing with one another’s tresses, etc. Every one of these indicators that read “gay homosexual gay” to a US audience, but these dudes comprise extremely actively finding lady-love.

You might inform your roomie that many of these body-language circumstances can look dissimilar to Us citizens hence other folks at school might promote your difficulty over it. Most Turkish men we found there might have been surprised and angry from the tip which they might be homosexual, very best they come as a tactful idea from you, than as a laughing accusation from a stranger exactly who he could subsequently get into a fight with. submitted by LobsterMitten at 9:54 have always been on September 1, 2007

I was thinking this anything usual to Muslims across the world.

From the witnessing Shaq (a Muslim, but not most general public about this) hug the turkish NBA player Hedo Turkaglu during pregame introductions, a great deal on the dilemma regarding the announcers, whom said: “it may seem like they genuinely have many value per different.” submitted by drjimmy11 at 11:36 AM on September 1, 2007

Needless to say, the guy could possibly be homosexual, but absolutely nothing you’ve provided would indicate they if you ask me. Turkish dudes are particularly physical with each other in ways that will making Us americans wonder, however in no way does this necessarily indicate homosexuality. I’m from Bosnia, that has many Turkish social properties and this kind of thing is actually significantly usual truth be told there too.

Lobstermitten’s advice is quite good, although it’s a hard subject to raise up. posted by Dee Xtrovert at 3:52 PM on September 1, 2007

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