Cambodia MSM or Gay Men! In many countries the term gay still is a loaded one. In Cambodia also

Cambodia MSM or Gay Men! In many countries the term gay still is a loaded one. In Cambodia also


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With a population of 15,760,000, Cambodia keeps approximately 67,000 adults living with HIV, or around 0.43%. Brand-new attacks are slipping continuously since 1995, today achieving a stable reduced county of under 1000 new matters each year, while the insurance of Antiretroviral therapy (artwork) has-been increasing to 80per cent of afflicted grownups.

Men with sex with males (MSM) comprise not even half Cambodias HIV-positive individuals, though predictably, those have actually an increased rates of issues versus basic inhabitants. No more than 40percent of young adults 15-24 realize about HIV cures; and less young women than young men. Of Cambodia and its neighboring countries Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, Cambodias problems rate drops about at the center. Thailand, with a much larger population, features a greater as a whole rate but possess paid off its mother-to-child disease price to zero; and Vietnam, premier of these countries with a population 6 circumstances that of Cambodia, possess a lesser as a whole speed. (numbers from UNAIDS, 2016)

MSM or Gay Guys!

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

In many nations the word gay still is a loaded one. In Cambodia as well. Thats why people in the intercontinental HIV neighborhood frequently utilize the phrase MSM alternatively. That is short for Men with Intercourse with Men.

This juggling with terms and abbreviations is like a headache for emancipated homosexuals, however for a lot of Cambodians MSM is actually a means out. This way you can tell your friends and family, or if you are experiencing HIV, together with your medical practitioner, that you have intercourse with males, without outing yourself as homosexual.

The three teenage boys we talked with utilize the conditions MSM and gay interchangeably. This indicates gay are a hip phrase. The students males envision the term suits all of them because they choose to promote themselves as emancipated gays, pleased with who they really are. In contrast, MSM is in their unique sight most a term for insecure elderly people; when it comes down to gay guy who is still ashamed of his sexuality and quite often brings a double life.

The dialogue involved venturing out, friends and interests. Additionally about tough subjects like HIV, gender work and pills then your acronym MSM often crept back to the discussion.

Theyre prone young men. Streetwise, but wrestling the help of its complicated life. Missing, with almost no idea which place to go for just what theyre searching for. They discovered through authorities outreach programs that they craigslist hookup ads had been contaminated with HIV. It had been a blow for every three. They dont truly know how to approach they. Keep quiet about it and acquire on with existence, therefore it sounds.

We discussed regarding banking institutions on the Mekong, the lake with wound the ways undisturbed through the urban area permanently. However the teenagers were tired of philosophical thinking and opinions. They keep their particular attention throughout the boulevard, their playground in addition to their hunting-ground. This is where it happens on their behalf. Bad and good period typically beginning here.

Vin (24) might honestly gay for four age. Because energy hes got five boyfriends, one or two the guy could count on, and a couple of perhaps not. Vins every day life is largely away from scene. He resides along with his older sister because their mothers is deceased. Initially their pops died, then six age later their mommy.

Three years ago a buddy got your for a bloodstream test. Immediately later the guy heard he’d HIV. The news was actually a huge shock. He had been profoundly embarrassed and performed only cry for days. No, he says, hes not watching a health care professional and never taking any drug. He understands of no physician which could help him it appears their HIV disease is a concern he is no way willing to tackle. Really the only person he talks with about it really is his brother. Vin try a construction employee, but he doesnt just like the perform quite definitely. Security jobs appears preferable to him. The shame is that the befits you must use arent usually appealing. Maybe later I am able to work with a restaurant, in a MSM dance club.

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