Simple carrot meal muffin recipe to celebrate Great Brit Bake Off final

Simple carrot meal muffin recipe to celebrate Great Brit Bake Off final

Making fast and healthier carrot meal muffins with brilliant home hack

The Great British bake-off is on its way to an end after 2 months of tears, cheers and Hollywood handshakes.

Chigs, Crystelle and Giuseppe will vie becoming crowned the champion associated with the 12th a number of the recreational cooking opposition on station 4.

The bake-off last airs on Tuesday nights (November 23) at 8pm also it appear as not surprising the tv show keeps influenced many supply many trademark, technical and showstopper difficulties a chance.

Carrot cake is regarded as Britain’s favourite bakes.

Gently spiced with cinnamon, studded with sultanas and smothered with a creamy topping, it’s a super scrumptious standard.

Instagrammer @cakeontherun keeps shared the woman carrot dessert muffin dish and it’s really easy to check out.

Made with a number of quick formulation no doubt you’ve currently have inside cabinet, it’s not only super easy to rustle upwards, it is great and healthy also.

The trick element to creating they reduced in excess fat and glucose was diet lemonade.

Plus, because it has no eggs or butter, it’s vegan friendly also.

*Easy *20 mins *Low excess fat *Low glucose *Vegan *Dairy cost-free *Gluten no-cost option *Small batch

Carrot meal muffin meal (renders 5)


  • 125g self-raising flour
  • 8 tbsp lemonade/ fizzy liquid
  • 4 tbsp powdered sweetener (choices below)
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 smaller carrot, grated
  • Lightweight few sultanas
  • Vanilla yoghurt with a pinch of cinnamon for drizzling over the top

  1. Pre-heat their range to 180C/ 350F/ gasoline level 4.
  2. Place anything into a bowl and combine with a spoon until merged and sticky.
  3. Added mix into five muffin/cupcake covers.
  4. Oven bake for about 18 moments. Always check these are typically cooked by placing a knife inside the muffins while it comes completely clean they’ve been done.
  5. Drizzle over some plain yoghurt combined with cinnamon in addition to each cake (optional added – sprinkle over many chopped walnuts).

Ingredient swaps

  • If you haven’t had gotten sweetener for example stevia, you can utilize any glucose or maple or wonderful syrup.
  • In the same way, for those who haven’t had gotten diet lemonade you should use any lemonade, fizzy or dazzling liquids.
  • Self-raising flour is switched for simple flour with a-pinch of cooking powder. Gluten cost-free flour furthermore is useful.

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